Windows 10: How to make your PC fit for the autumn Creators update

With the Herbst Creators Update, Microsoft will be delivering the fourth update for Windows 10 from 17 October 2017 onwards. COMPUTER PICTURE shows you how to prepare your PC for this.

Since the introduction of Windows 10 in summer 2015, Microsoft has with the already delivered three thick update packages. Now with the next version of Windows 10 before the door. In addition to the Windows extension, which was developed under the code name "Redstone 3", Microsoft has once again brought numerous innovations and adaptations that make Windows 10 look bright. But before you can make your own picture of the changes, you should bring your Windows PC to Vordermann. Even if it may sound different: The autumn update is not a simple Windows patch! This is because once the system is updated, the operating system re-installs itself once again. If something goes wrong, the total failure is imminent. In the course of the past updates, Microsoft has always optimized the update process, but here, too, the devil is as often in detail. To avoid potential sources of error for the Autumn update, you should take the following precautions.

Fit for the Windows Update: The most important tips

In order to make the transition as easy as possible over the stage, you should consider a few things. The Creators Update does not appear until you have installed the previously released updates for Windows 10. So check to see if your version of Windows is up-to-date. Furthermore, the installation requires sufficient free space. Microsoft has not yet disclosed exact figures, but it is assumed that the download alone consumes about 4 gigabytes; the installation then takes up additional space to spread. With about 20 gigabytes of free hard disk space, you are on the safe side. If your hard disk is full, delete unneeded data and uninstall unused programs. Also independent of the memory: The slimmer your system, the lower the risk, that something is wrong with the update. From the experience of the previous update it is recommended to disconnect all unused devices from the PC. And finally, of course, as always: If the update is something wrong, it is only half as bad, if you have created a backup of important data. A detailed guide to preparing for the autumn update can be found in the overview above.


New Windows comes in waves

Although Microsoft has announced that it will begin  the  on October 17, 2017 , Windows 10 may take months to install the new version. The reason: The manufacturer does not release the update immediately for all PCs with Windows 10, but distributes it for different PC configurations. Similarly, the procedure may take months. The predecessor ran five months after the release just two thirds of all Windows 10 PCs. However, COMPUTER BILD shows you how to get the fresh version as soon as possible after the deadline.